Divorce is one of the most stressful events in life. The emotions involved often get in the way of making logical decisions that will protect your (and your children’s) interests now and in the future. With an experienced lawyer from K&Y representing you in your divorce, you can rest assured that you will get what you are entitled to, including property, financial support, or a fair parenting agreement, whether negotiated in court or outside of court.  We work to bring your case to the most amicable agreement possible, with care and concern for all involved. Call our Thornhill, Ontario office today at 905-597-8529.

How do I Make Sure my Children are Supported After a Divorce?

Hiring a lawyer to represent you means that your children’s interests are also represented. While in the throes of family conflict and major life transitions, it is difficult to think about all of the support your children may need as they get older, and at what points you may need a legal agreement to fall back on to assure that those needs are met. As children grow, their needs change. Our experienced lawyers at K&Y will lead you through the processes needed to make sure that your children are supported, financially and otherwise, at all stages of their development.

What are the Challenges in a Divorce that a Lawyer Can Help With?

One of the most difficult things to achieve in a divorce proceeding is to determine the amounts of your and your spouse’s assets and debts.  These are an extremely important numbers, and they must be accurate to determine amounts (if applicable) of child support and spousal support, and will determine both the division of assets and the assignment of liabilities. You deserve your share of what is known as “Net Family Property” (NFP), and a lawyer from K&Y Law, P. C. can help to make sure that you get it. Child custody issues, visitation agreements, and financial support of children can also be thorny to sort out, and our experienced and compassionate lawyers can help you achieve the best outcome for all involved.  Call us today at 905-597-8529.

How Do I Deal with a Contentious Spouse in a Divorce Proceeding?

It is no secret that while some divorces are amicable, most involve some level of conflict.  Hiring a lawyer with training and experience as an outside party can save you a lot of conflict and direct contact with a contentious spouse.  Our lawyers can be the point of contact with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and their lawyer, saving you the time and emotional turmoil of having to contact them yourself to discuss difficult topics. A lawyer from K & Y will represent you and work for a resolution that serves your best interests.